A Family Law Firm Committed To Positive Solutions

While we are determined and assertive in doing right by our clients. Far too often, people assume that divorce must be a full-fledged battle. They spend years of their lives — and thousands or even millions of dollars — fueling a fight over every aspect of the process. And in the end, they are often left with little to show for it.

At The Law Offices of Michael N. Kalil, we are aggressive when we need to be, but believe there can be a better way. Our firm encourages clients to take an "olive branch" approach to divorce and custody issues. This doesn't mean we will let your rights and interests slip away; on the contrary, we will zealously advocate for our clients throughout the process, and where negotiations prove unsuccessful, we are fully capable and prepared to do what is necessary to present your case at trial to a judge. In many cases, however, the best result comes from strategic collaboration rather, than relentless antagonism.

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Well-Prepared To Protect Your Interests

We understand that each family law case, like each family, is unique. Not all issues can be resolved through out-of-court means such as negotiation, mediation or collaborative methods. Sometimes, issues such as substance abuse or domestic violence make it difficult to pursue a cooperative approach. In these cases, our legal team is well-equipped to advocate for you in court.

We're committed to doing what's right for you, whether that means pursuing collaborative solutions or resolving issues in court.

In addition to family law matters, we handle a wide variety of other legal issues that affect people from all walks and stages of life.