An Olive Branch Approach To Family Law

Additional Services: Your Go-To Legal Allies

Legal issues can come up at any stage of life. They involve not only family-related concerns, but also financial and medical issues. They can also affect your driving privileges and other liberties. At The Law Offices of Michael N. Kalil in Utica, New York, your attorney is here to help with the vast array of legal concerns that confront people from all walks of life. A primary focus of Michael’s practice is helping families through the difficult transitions of divorce, separation and custody disputes. However, his guidance is not limited to those areas. He serves as a go-to legal adviser for clients facing a wide variety of issues. Additional services he provides include:

  • Help with negotiating, drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements in compliance with New York law
  • Guidance on residential real estate matters
  • Defense against DWI charges and traffic violations
  • Representation in personal injury cases

Many of these areas of law overlap. For example, divorce cases often involve real estate matters. Because The Law Offices of Michael N. Kalil has confronted these issues in a wide variety of contexts, Michael is well-equipped to handle them through whatever path best fits your needs – whether in court or through alternative dispute resolution.

Honest And Realistic Guidance

When you are facing serious legal problems, you deserve honest and realistic guidance. Michael can provide you with an upfront assessment of your options. He focuses on finding reasonable, practical solutions tailored to fit your unique needs. As an advocate with decades of legal experience, he will always put your interests first.

Nothing is more valuable to him than your trust and reliance. He will work hard to earn – and keep – it.

Begin Working With The Law Offices of Michael N. Kalil

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