About Our Practice: Why Choose Us?

There are many family law firms in Central New York. But will all of them provide realistic answers? Will every lawyer offer forward-thinking advice and practical solutions to avoid future conflict? Unfortunately, the answer is no. All too often, family law attorneys end up intensifying the conflict between divorcing parties. They end up laying the groundwork for ongoing miscommunication and heated disputes. Our office will honestly counsel you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, because we believe that it is critical for clients to have realistic expectations about where there matter is going from the outset.


A Better Approach

At , we do things differently. We’re committed to helping you lay a foundation for an amicable future rather than unending conflict. The cornerstone of our practice involves finding positive, win-win resolutions whenever possible. We utilize negotiation, mediation and collaborative law methods to empower clients in making intelligent decisions. We often find that this approach leads to far better outcomes — and far less financial and emotional strain — than a full-fledged battle.

Experience You Can Rely On

Based in Utica, New York, our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience. We primarily focus on family law issues. However, we also handle related areas of law such as real estate, DWI, traffic violations and personal injury.

Our lead attorney, Michael N. Kalil, is a certified New York mediator. He draws on a wealth of experience as an advocate to provide effective mediation services as a neutral third party.

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If you’re facing pressing legal questions in family law or other legal areas, we’re here to help. Call 315-235-1012 or send us an email. The initial consultation is free.

Our office is conveniently located close to the courthouse in Utica. We serve clients throughout Central New York.