Specific Changes May Merit Modifying Custody And Support Orders

Change is inevitable. No matter how well you try anticipating issues that may change after your divorce, you will not be able to think of everything. A divorce decree can be modified to reflect changes in you or your ex-spouse’s situation.

It is often difficult to change the child custody arrangement. However, circumstances such as substance abuse, relocation, mental instability, a serious medical condition or other factors may give the court sufficient pause to consider a custody modification.

If there has been a significant change in your life, your ex-spouse’s or your children’s, call us at to discuss the possibility of modifying your child custody agreement. If the child custody arrangement gets modified, this would also affect the child support arrangement. We have extensive experience handling child support modifications and will make sure you are not left with any surprises.

Our firm also represents clients who have experienced a significant change in their economic situation or their former spouse’s financial situation has changed significantly. If you recently lost your job or your ex-spouse was recently promoted, you may be able to modify your spousal support arrangement. In order for spousal support to be modified, either side would have to prove the change was unforeseen or unforeseeable.

Handling Child Custody Modifications In New York

In order to modify child custody arrangements, you need to prove that the change would be in your children’s best interests. This can be highly complicated. Parents often have conflicting views over what would be in the children’s best interests. Generally, the courts try to protect children from as little disruption as possible. Yet, some modifications are necessary, based on a variety of situations such as:

  • Job relocation
  • Job loss
  • Cut in wages
  • Health concerns of a parent
  • Chemical dependency concerns
  • Incarceration

Our Approach To Seeking Post-Judgment Modifications

At , we are very sensitive to the needs and well-being of children caught in the middle of a custody dispute. We focus on helping our clients reach resolutions outside of trial through mediation or collaborative law.

No one knows children better than their parents. Alternative dispute resolution can help parents work amicably to reach common ground in an effort to protect their children’s best interests. We can also work with your child’s counselor or therapist to better understand a solution that would be most beneficial for your child. However, we are fully prepared to fight, if necessary, in the trial to ensure your child’s best interests are protected.

Contact A Skilled Modification And Enforcement Lawyer

We know how to effectively handle child custody modifications, because of our comprehensive experience. Our family law attorneys also take swift action to enforce custody arrangements when one party fails to follow the agreements. We know how to anticipate what the opposing side may do based on our years of experience handling modifications and enforcements.

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