Divorce And Custody Mediation Services Backed By Decades Of Family Law Experience

Recent years have seen a growing focus in the family law field on how disputes are decided. It’s become more and more clear that lengthy court battles are rarely the ideal process for resolving divorce and custody issues. The adversarial nature of litigation tends to lay the groundwork for ongoing conflict rather than healing and closure.

Mediation offers an alternative. During custody and divorce mediation, a neutral third party facilitates a give-and-take between the parties with the goal of reaching a win-win resolution. Rather than advocating for one party, the mediator helps both sides find common ground.

Mediation provides a safe and constructive environment for couples to discuss contested issues. Through mediation, you can work through these issues in a more positive way, resulting in far less stress and financial strain.

When couples reach a stalemate, a mediator works to refocus the conversation and identify opportunities for agreement. Often we find that when couples feel that their concerns have been heard, they feel more comfortable moving forward in a collaborative manner.

Helping Couples Collaborate

Divorce and custody disputes don’t have to be nightmares. At , we help couples transition more smoothly into the next chapter of their lives through experienced mediation services.

After focusing almost exclusively on family law matters for nearly 30 years, we have seen the benefits of mediation firsthand. Our custody and divorce mediator is certified in New York. Because he has also practiced for so many years as a family law attorney, he offers several advantages you won’t find with a nonlawyer mediator. For example, he can draft legal documents to finalize any agreements. He also can walk both parties through the court process and better identify likely outcomes, which in turn helps clients make intelligent decisions.

We Help Parties Make Intelligent Decisions They Can Feel Confident About, Both Now And For The Long Run

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