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How Is Child Support Calculated?

Last updated on November 3, 2022

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children. Placing a dollar amount on that obligation, however, is no easy task. Children have complex financial needs ranging from day care and health insurance to educational and extracurricular expenses.

New York uses a statutory formula based on both parents’ incomes to calculate child support. Your custody arrangement will also factor into the equation.

In many cases, though, it is not as simple as punching numbers. Questions may arise about the actual income of parents who are self-employed, for example. Children may have special needs that require additional expenses. Other fact-specific circumstances may warrant deviating from the formula.

Because these issues can quickly become complicated – and because child support plays such a critical role in family finances – it is important to seek legal guidance.

Get Advice Tailored To Your Situation

Attorney Michael N. Kalil helps parents with all aspects of child support. He understands not only the statutory law but also the ever-evolving case law that affects child support. He has experience navigating the challenges involved in these cases.

In addition to handling initial child support determinations, he can advise you on escalating clauses and other add-on provisos that reflect rising future medical, health care and day care costs. He also handles child support modifications involving changes in income or fluctuating financial needs and can help you with enforcement issues.

Michael knows emotions can quickly escalate when financial concerns are on the line. Applying decades of experience handling complex family law issues, he will work hard to make sure your financial situation – and your children’s financial needs – are fully accounted for.

Facing Stressful Child Support Issues?

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